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  • Podder, Ankan; Farhana, Fayeja; Afroze, Farzana (East West University, 2022-05-29)
    With the rapid growth of e-commerce platform, the Fake Review Detection has become a popular and significant topic for both the businesses and research area in recent years. For making a best decision, online reviews play ...
  • Mimu, Sharmin Akter; Rahman, Muhammad Mashiur (East West University, 2020-06-23)
    Energy efficiency and conservation have been a heavily focused subject in recent years. So, the importance of power meter has a significant effect. The thesis aims to develop a Net Meter though IP based IoT by using a ...
  • Yeasmin, Farzana (East West University, 2020-09-17)
    Localization is an important part in wireless sensor network and briefly used it in WSN. Because, from it we get the required information to identify current location of sensor node. Now this become an interest field among ...
  • Ahmed, Radia; Islam, Tariqul; Siam, Mir (East West University, 2020-06-26)
    In a country like Bangladesh plant disease is a common factor. The timely and accurate diagnosis of plant disease plays a very important role in preventing the loss of productivity and loss of reduce quality of agricultural ...
  • Islam, Ariful (East West University, 2022-09-29)

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